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Wildflower & Garden Tours

Wildflower Tours

Have you ever experienced wildflowers in the bush?

Interested in wildflowers and want to learn more?

Our wildflower tours are designed so you can sit back and relax while we take you directly to where these wildflowers are.

A Wildflower Guide is on every wildflower tour to show and talk about wildflowers where over 60% of these species are found nowhere else in the wourld, except Western Australia.

Photographer Tutors can be organised on some tours to assist you to improve your photography skills and capture the beauty of wildflowers in their natural habitation.

To book tours click on link below:

Ask about our group booking deals today. Contact Kathryn 0411 032 603 or

Wildflower Tours will vary from half day, full day and multiple day tours. We will cover a huge range of areas from in and around Perth, North, South and Inland from Perth.

We look forward in sharing this unique Western Australian beauty with you.

What will you get from joining us on a Wildflower tour?

All our wildflower tours have a botanist / wildflower guide on tour so you are:

  • Shown the best wildflowers on that day

  • No need to waste time looking for wildflowers, as our guides know exactly where to go

  • Learn all about the “Wonderful World of WA Wildflowers”

  • Meals are catered for. Usually picnics as this allows versatility of locations on the day and more time in the bush with the wildflowers.

How is a photography wildflower tour different?

Enjoy photography?

Want to learn or improve your photography skills?

Capture beautiful photos of wildflowers and landscapes forever?

All our photography tours have a professional photographer/ tutor on tour.

  • Learn and be guided with your photography. (Various levels of teaching available)

  • Visit beautiful locations. We know exactly where to go, saving more time to take photos.

  • We understand you need time with the photographer at locations. We stay for longer times at locations, more than the typical photo stop.

  • Learn a variety of photographic skills including landscape, macro, white balance and more….

  • Meals are catered for on tour. This allows you to focus on your photography.

Are you a photographer but your partner is not?

Well your partner can come and enjoy the wildflower tours guided by a botanist/ wildflower guide while you join the other photographers to concentrate and enjoy your photography.

Northern Wildflower Day Tours
Also Photography Northern Wildflower Day Tour
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16 September 2017, Saturday,
8.00am – 5.00pm

Meals included: Morning Tea and Lunch (picnic)

Come and enjoy the Westralian Australian Bush north of Perth and its extraordinary wildflowers scattered throughout the countryside. Our Botanist/ Wildflower guides know exactly where to go on the day so you do not waste time looking for the wildflowers. Learn the wealth of knowledge the guide has to offer. Fantastic photo opportunities to capture the memories of this beautiful scene. We cover around 500km.

Southern Wildflower Day Tours
Also Photography Southern Wildflower Day Tour
Book tour with link below:

8 October 2017, Sunday, 8.00am – 5.00pm

Meals included: Morning Tea and Lunch (picnic)

Travel south of Perth to discover a collection of beautiful wildflowers in this region. We travel at least 500km for this tour. A splendid delight to see these wildflowers and learn from our Botanist / Wildflower Guide who knows exactly where to go so no time is wasted in finding these wildflower delights.

Wongan Hills Wildflowers Day Tour
Also Photography Northern Wildflower Day Tour
Book tour with link below:

29 October 2017, Sunday, 7.30am – 5.00pm

Meals included: Morning Tea and Lunch (picnic)

Wongan Hills displays a stunning array of colour when the wildflowers are out in bloom.

It has an extremely diverse collection of wildflowers with over 1,000 species recorded in the area. Including 16 rare and endangered species only found in Wongan Hills and seven varieties of Verticordia flowering. This is a Wildflower Enthusiasts dream. A photographer’s delight.

Explore this unique experience and wealth of knowledge with our Botanical / Wildflower Guides as they show you the best displays of wildflowers on the day in and around Wongan Hills.

Wongan Hills is located in the centre of the Western Australian Wheatbelt and is two and a half hour drive north of Perth. It offers outstanding views from numerous elevated lookouts.

Wine & Wildflowers & Wine Half Day Tours

8.00am – 12.00pm or 1.00pm - 5.00pm
Included: Wine Tastings, Morning / Afternoon Tea

Tour fee:


Enjoy a tour of what nature provides in Western Australia.

Delicious wines through our agriculture and wildflowers with their spectacular beauty. A botanical / wildflower guide will share their knowledge on a wildflower walk. Wine tastings, Morning / Afternoon tea,Lunch and wildflower tour.

Mystery Half Day Wildflower Tours

8.00am – 12.00pm or 1.00pm - 5.00pm 

Meals included: Morning or Afternoon Tea

Tour fee: Wildflower Tour


Pinnacle & Wildflowers Day Tour
Also Photography Northern Wildflower Day Tour

(Private Group Bookings. Available daily in wildflower season.)
Contact Kathryn 0411 032 603 or

7.30am – 5.00pm

Meals included: Morning Tea and Lunch (picnic)

The Pinnacles and Namburg National Park are always an out of ordinary experience of intrigue and interest. This tour includes the added bonus of witnessing the wildflowers of this area and neighbouring areas. Spectacular scenes are seen on this tour. Our Botanical / Wildflower Guide will guide us to these unique places and share their knowledge on the way.

Into photography then get ready for some great landscape shots and macro photography opportunities.

Love to learn and improve your photography skills with these beautiful wildflowers but do not have all day. Then come on our half day tour and let our professional photographer/ tutor teach and guide you to capture these beautiful wildflowers forever.

Meals on Wildflower and Photography Wildflower Tours

  • Full day tours include morning tea and lunch

  • Half day tours include morning/ afternoon tea

  • Meals are usually a picnic unless otherwise stated. This enables there to be flexibility when searching the best locations on the day and spending more time in the bush with the wildflowers.

  • Dietary requirements are catered for. It is necessary to qualify this when booking tour.

  • Meals are fresh produce and locally sourced

Pick Up / Drop Off location

  • Crown, Burswood. In front of McDonalds. Same area where shuttle bus stop used from train station.

  • Private bookings cater for different location bookings.

Western Australian wildflowers are renowned as being one of the most spectacular wildflower displays in the world.
With 12,000 plant species and over 60% of these species found nowhere else in the world.

Picking wildflowers is PROHIBITED